Memo For The Consumer

Every day we buy goods in shops and markets, we give our things for repairs, we conclude contracts for the provision of various types of services. Each of us will often have thought of whether the goods are qualitative, whether a new heel from the shoes will come off, will not it turn out that the delivered seal “will fly out” in a few days. Unfortunately, not always shopping pleases us. After a while, the new TV set that was given for dry cleaning of the sheepskin after cleaning is several times smaller, and the repaired iron does not reheat to the right temperature. The question arises: how by what means, can we avoid such situations, what rights do we have in these cases?

In 2017, the department received 768 consumer complaints on issues related to violations occurring between consumers and sellers (manufacturers, executors) in the sale of goods (works, services). Of these, with oral complaints on a personal reception, 684 consumers applied, with written statements – 84 citizens.

To provide legal assistance to consumers on the issues of protection of their interests, consultations are offered both at a personal reception and by telephone “Hot Line.”

The Department provides practical assistance in the preparation and presentation of written claims.

During the pre-trial proceedings, 341 claims were made. To compensate losses to the population voluntarily returned 958 thousand rubles.

Assistance was provided in the preparation of 38 lawsuits on behalf of consumers in defense of their rights. In the course of the court hearings, decisions were made to recover from the respondents in favor of consumers 1,200,900 rubles.